Sunday, October 25, 2009

NTT DoCoMo Prototype Phones Are Made of Wood, Behave Like Timber

NTT DoCoMo has just revealed new concept phones made out of wood and bearing the pretty funny name of “Touch Wood”. The prototype is made out of surplus wood from the trees that are trimmed down to maintain forests healthy, so nature won’t be harmed in the making of the handset.

This eco-friendly Touch Wood phone was developed together with Olympus Corporation, Sharp and “More Trees” also played a part in the initiative, the latter being a reforestation project. Thehandset pictured above is made from cypress wood and its color is just as Mother Nature made it, without artificial paints or other chemicals.

Even the scent of wood was kept, to give a special appeal to the concept phone, that can be considered an organic piece of machinery. Expect Touch Wood to be unveiled during the Telecom World 2009 event, held in Geneva, Switzerland, from October 5 to 9. The head of this project was musician Ryuichi Sakamoto and the interface of the device is inspired by the works of photographer Mikiya Takimoto.

[via Dvice]

PS3 Wand Controller Challenges the Wii to a Duel

We know that this isn’t a concept phone, but we sometimes stop and check out some other portable gadgets, specially from the gaming universe. This time, we’re having a look at Miguel Duarte’s PS3 wand concept controller, available in the image below.

This motion controller is based on Sony’s Magic Wand joystick, that comes with double wands, plus an adapter and strap. You can attach one Wand to another, in order to mimic the look of a real controller and play regular games.
However, in case the title you’re playing requires lots of hand movement, there’s always the option of simulating real time movements by using the wand, held by the strap. Great concept and surely a rival for the Wiimotes, right?

[via Designlaunches]

Casio Old School Cellphone Redefines Simplicity

We have seen so many modern and feature-packed cellphones that we sometimes need a break and a return to the nineties, in order to find the simplicity we’ve been lacking. Taking this search to the extreme, we found an old-school Casio cellphone concept, that resembles a calculator. The handset below is shaped just like the 1980 Casio FX calculator and can become a mature nerd’s eye candy.

Picture this device becoming rugged and shock-resistant, packing some serious internal memory and a decent battery. Would you buy one? Let this be clear: won’t pick up anyone with this…well maybe Meg from Family Guy, but that’s the best you can get.


BenQ Siemens Snake Concept Phone is Yet Another Bracelet-Handset

Although it’s winter, we’ve seen many concept phones that can be worn as bracelets or necklaces, preferably in warm weather… Here’s one of the oldest phone designs of the YouTube-era web, the BenQ Siemens concept phones, known as “Snake”, at least unofficially.

Notice the presence of media playback buttons, the usual answer/reject call keys and even a tiny display, perhaps for showing the time and missed calls.

The shape of the device is very interesting, although the handset seems rather fragile and from what I can see, its speakers are on the inside section. What do you say? Viable or dreamy?

Asus Eee Phone Turns Real In 2009, Features Android

A couple of days ago, the interwebs were filled with an image showing an Eee PC running the famous Google Android OS. Now, it turns out that Asus is not only planning an Android handset for 2009, but also an Eee phone.

Believe it or not, this device will also run Android and this is more than gibberish talk, as Johnny Shih, Asus’ CEO made these announcements.

Keep your eyes peeled for info surfacing during CES 2009, as Asus might have a prototype ready, since they’ve been slowing down onEee PC launches lately. Can anyone imagine how an Eee Phone would look like?