Saturday, October 17, 2009

iPhone 3G Concept Looks Great

Seems that there’s been an iPhone 3G design contest going on and we weren’t aware of that. We’ve got 3 great pics showing you what the iPhone 2 should look like. They were posted on Flickr by the user youngSPACE:

There’s also a specs list mentioned, that includes a sturdy titanium and glass design, an OLED screen, True GPS, iChat camera, 3G data speed and a removable battery (yay!). Add a standard headphone jack to that and a 3.2 megapixel camera that’s also video capable and a 32GB internal memory and we’ve got a hit.

The iPhone 2.0 also includes a Sleep Wake button, 2 neat speakers and it measures 4.5 inches (height), 2.4 inches (width) and 9mm (thickness).

[found on Flickr]

Thursday, October 15, 2009

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Wow! Check out that 3G iPhone…again?! It’s probably the fifth time I’m seeing the “real” deal handset, so I won’t believe any picture till I see the genuine launch date edition of the device. The iPhone 2.0 is yet again “plasticky” and curved, making rumour for a bigger battery in order to stand that 3G battery drainer.

It would be a pretty weird choice for Apple, now that even the MacBook and iPod aren’t white any more, but the even worse thing is that there’s no front camera for videocalls incorporated. Let’s just hope it’s a good Photoshop, not a bad spy pic.

[via iPhoneclub]

MacBook Nano, Better Than MacBook Air?

Well, this concept MacBook Nano you can see below seems to be work of the fellows from Stuff magazine, also responsible for that beautiful PSP Phone I’ve shown you the other day. This may be a conceptual device, but I have two questions for you: what’s with all the hype surrounding it and why is the text around it written in Czech?

Everyone seems agitated after seeing the photo on Flickr, but why? Was it announced and I missed it? Is that DVD drive so important it’s worth dying for? Or is it the touchscreen and familiar UI making the word go out? I doubt that Apple can still squeeze an optical drive into such a small device and since they’re keen on flash memory anyway, there’ no reason to go back to such options.

[via flickr]

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Portable Concept Speakers for Your iPhone

LiveSpeakR is the latest concept portable speaker system that will turn your iPhone into a genuine boombox. It’s been introduced by D&G solutions and it was created by Erik Groset. This device runs on 2 AAA batteries or gets its “juice” with the aid of an AC adapter.

The speakers you see above can rotate and expand/contract as you switch from portrait to landscape mode and back. What’s neat about this system is that the accessories can even fit inside your pocket, taking portable fun to a new level. Don’t be sad about the fact that this is only a concept, since D&G Solutions are looking for a manufacturer to mass-produce LiveSpeakR.

Think we’ll see these speakers hitting the market in time for the summer holiday?

PS: Family Guy Rocks! (couldn’t help it)

[via cellphonebeat]