Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nokia 888, the Best Concept Phone So Far

Since day 1 of this site I’ve seen slim sliders, “phat” touchscreen smartphones and sci-fi handsets, but none of them impressed as much as the Nokia 888. It’s not the piece of news of the day, but it’s a nice concept to glance at, every once in a while.

Nokia 888, the Best Concept Phone So Far

Nokia 888 is targeted at young consumers, active ones and comes with a liquid battery, speech recognition, a flexible touchscreen and a touch sensitive body cover. The latter allows the device to adapt to its surrounding environment, shifting its shape as required.

This Nokia concept phone can easily be turned into a bracelet, a head band or any other sort of accessory.

Nokia 888, the Best Concept Phone So Far

Talk about ergonomic… the 888 changes shape and looks like a mobile phone when you need to call someone or receive a call. This Nokia wonder also uses an original E-motions technology, that allows you to show your emotions electronically. How? By sending forms to your friends, shaped like hearts or maybe you want to send a dancing form to start a party.

[via Nokia888 and Yanko Design]

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