Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nokia Phones By the People, For the People – Revolution

Touring the world for innovative ideas and designs, Nokia stumbled upon the Revolution concept you can check out below. It’s a stylish device that’s more than your average phone. Surprisingly enough, Revolution is also a toolkit, a bike tracker, a book, a media player and all of those features are protected by a water-resistant body.

Nokia Phones By the People, For the People   Revolution

[via BusinessWeek]

Nokia 888, the Best Concept Phone So Far

Since day 1 of this site I’ve seen slim sliders, “phat” touchscreen smartphones and sci-fi handsets, but none of them impressed as much as the Nokia 888. It’s not the piece of news of the day, but it’s a nice concept to glance at, every once in a while.

Nokia 888, the Best Concept Phone So Far

Nokia 888 is targeted at young consumers, active ones and comes with a liquid battery, speech recognition, a flexible touchscreen and a touch sensitive body cover. The latter allows the device to adapt to its surrounding environment, shifting its shape as required.

This Nokia concept phone can easily be turned into a bracelet, a head band or any other sort of accessory.

Nokia 888, the Best Concept Phone So Far

Talk about ergonomic… the 888 changes shape and looks like a mobile phone when you need to call someone or receive a call. This Nokia wonder also uses an original E-motions technology, that allows you to show your emotions electronically. How? By sending forms to your friends, shaped like hearts or maybe you want to send a dancing form to start a party.

[via Nokia888 and Yanko Design]

Sunday, October 25, 2009

NTT DoCoMo Prototype Phones Are Made of Wood, Behave Like Timber

NTT DoCoMo has just revealed new concept phones made out of wood and bearing the pretty funny name of “Touch Wood”. The prototype is made out of surplus wood from the trees that are trimmed down to maintain forests healthy, so nature won’t be harmed in the making of the handset.

This eco-friendly Touch Wood phone was developed together with Olympus Corporation, Sharp and “More Trees” also played a part in the initiative, the latter being a reforestation project. Thehandset pictured above is made from cypress wood and its color is just as Mother Nature made it, without artificial paints or other chemicals.

Even the scent of wood was kept, to give a special appeal to the concept phone, that can be considered an organic piece of machinery. Expect Touch Wood to be unveiled during the Telecom World 2009 event, held in Geneva, Switzerland, from October 5 to 9. The head of this project was musician Ryuichi Sakamoto and the interface of the device is inspired by the works of photographer Mikiya Takimoto.

[via Dvice]

PS3 Wand Controller Challenges the Wii to a Duel

We know that this isn’t a concept phone, but we sometimes stop and check out some other portable gadgets, specially from the gaming universe. This time, we’re having a look at Miguel Duarte’s PS3 wand concept controller, available in the image below.

This motion controller is based on Sony’s Magic Wand joystick, that comes with double wands, plus an adapter and strap. You can attach one Wand to another, in order to mimic the look of a real controller and play regular games.
However, in case the title you’re playing requires lots of hand movement, there’s always the option of simulating real time movements by using the wand, held by the strap. Great concept and surely a rival for the Wiimotes, right?

[via Designlaunches]

Casio Old School Cellphone Redefines Simplicity

We have seen so many modern and feature-packed cellphones that we sometimes need a break and a return to the nineties, in order to find the simplicity we’ve been lacking. Taking this search to the extreme, we found an old-school Casio cellphone concept, that resembles a calculator. The handset below is shaped just like the 1980 Casio FX calculator and can become a mature nerd’s eye candy.

Picture this device becoming rugged and shock-resistant, packing some serious internal memory and a decent battery. Would you buy one? Let this be clear: won’t pick up anyone with this…well maybe Meg from Family Guy, but that’s the best you can get.


BenQ Siemens Snake Concept Phone is Yet Another Bracelet-Handset

Although it’s winter, we’ve seen many concept phones that can be worn as bracelets or necklaces, preferably in warm weather… Here’s one of the oldest phone designs of the YouTube-era web, the BenQ Siemens concept phones, known as “Snake”, at least unofficially.

Notice the presence of media playback buttons, the usual answer/reject call keys and even a tiny display, perhaps for showing the time and missed calls.

The shape of the device is very interesting, although the handset seems rather fragile and from what I can see, its speakers are on the inside section. What do you say? Viable or dreamy?

Asus Eee Phone Turns Real In 2009, Features Android

A couple of days ago, the interwebs were filled with an image showing an Eee PC running the famous Google Android OS. Now, it turns out that Asus is not only planning an Android handset for 2009, but also an Eee phone.

Believe it or not, this device will also run Android and this is more than gibberish talk, as Johnny Shih, Asus’ CEO made these announcements.

Keep your eyes peeled for info surfacing during CES 2009, as Asus might have a prototype ready, since they’ve been slowing down onEee PC launches lately. Can anyone imagine how an Eee Phone would look like?

Friday, October 23, 2009

iPhone Nano, Landscape “Phat”

This conceptual design is by default a landscape device. Just look at the placement of its home button and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Of course it can be used a normal iPhone, but that leaves an extra piece of the device’s body “hanging” on the side. Hmm, if we use it in landscape mode, we’ve got a wide “fattie”. Is it worth it?

[found on Flickr]

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Apple iPhone 2 is a Banana, Xbox 360 Joystick, Glass of Water….

Gizmodo had the great idea of challenging its readers to design the most ridiculous iPhone 2 concepts ever seen. They came up with dozens of mockup ideas, ranging from bananas with the iPhone’s display on them to shoes featuring the same screen and even a band on Steve Ballmer’s hands pretending to the 3G iPhone.

Let me remind you that these concepts will never see the light of day (hopefully), unless Apple wants us to carry silly phones all over the place, making fools or ourselves. For the full list of 100+ iPhone 2 concepts, check out this gallery.

Got another iPhone 2 design that didn’t make it in there? Send it over by accessing our contact page and we’ll publish it here!

[via Gizmodo]

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Apple iPlay, the PSP Rival Coming in June?

While everyone’s focusing on 3G iPhone rumours, one might easily notice that there might be another Apple-branded surprise coming in June. How about an iPlay console launched by Steve Jobs’ company, just in time to battle the Nokia N-Gage platform?

Of course, these are only rumours we’re dealing with, but the prospective of such a device sure sounds nice, on a market where the PSP and Nintendo DS rule and will continue to rule for at least 2 or 3 years. We’ve seen what the iPhone SDK can do, in terms of gaming, so the potential is there, now it’s up to the new hardware to do the magic.

[via Pocket-lint]

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The iPhone is a PSP Today

Gamers? iPhone fans? Thought so… Seemingly there’s not “one ring to rule them all”, but there’s a pretty neat device that will turn your iPhone into a PSP, at least when it comes to gaming controls and experience plus design.

The iControlPad is only a prototype for now, but I’m guessing it’ll hit the market till Christmas. Keep in mind that it also works with the iPod Touch, in case you’ve chosen the iPhone’s “phoneless” twin. More details HERE.

[via Intomobile]

Sunday, October 18, 2009

OLPC XO-2 Nano, the iPhone-based OLPC Smartphone

We’ve just found out that there’s going to be another OLPC generation, the XO-2, getting launched in 2010, at a $75 price tag. But that’s no reason to stop us from imagining an even smaller, lighter and more portable device, with a tendency of becoming a smartphone, rather than a mini-notebook.

Great concept shown above, although it’s clear that we’re dealing with 2 joint iPhone devices. OLPC XO-2 Nano? Could be, but that will turn into a rather thick device. The Apple folks might be drawing some conclusions from such simple mockups.

[found on Flickr]

Saturday, October 17, 2009

iPhone 3G Concept Looks Great

Seems that there’s been an iPhone 3G design contest going on and we weren’t aware of that. We’ve got 3 great pics showing you what the iPhone 2 should look like. They were posted on Flickr by the user youngSPACE:

There’s also a specs list mentioned, that includes a sturdy titanium and glass design, an OLED screen, True GPS, iChat camera, 3G data speed and a removable battery (yay!). Add a standard headphone jack to that and a 3.2 megapixel camera that’s also video capable and a 32GB internal memory and we’ve got a hit.

The iPhone 2.0 also includes a Sleep Wake button, 2 neat speakers and it measures 4.5 inches (height), 2.4 inches (width) and 9mm (thickness).

[found on Flickr]

Thursday, October 15, 2009

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Wow! Check out that 3G iPhone…again?! It’s probably the fifth time I’m seeing the “real” deal handset, so I won’t believe any picture till I see the genuine launch date edition of the device. The iPhone 2.0 is yet again “plasticky” and curved, making rumour for a bigger battery in order to stand that 3G battery drainer.

It would be a pretty weird choice for Apple, now that even the MacBook and iPod aren’t white any more, but the even worse thing is that there’s no front camera for videocalls incorporated. Let’s just hope it’s a good Photoshop, not a bad spy pic.

[via iPhoneclub]

MacBook Nano, Better Than MacBook Air?

Well, this concept MacBook Nano you can see below seems to be work of the fellows from Stuff magazine, also responsible for that beautiful PSP Phone I’ve shown you the other day. This may be a conceptual device, but I have two questions for you: what’s with all the hype surrounding it and why is the text around it written in Czech?

Everyone seems agitated after seeing the photo on Flickr, but why? Was it announced and I missed it? Is that DVD drive so important it’s worth dying for? Or is it the touchscreen and familiar UI making the word go out? I doubt that Apple can still squeeze an optical drive into such a small device and since they’re keen on flash memory anyway, there’ no reason to go back to such options.

[via flickr]

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Portable Concept Speakers for Your iPhone

LiveSpeakR is the latest concept portable speaker system that will turn your iPhone into a genuine boombox. It’s been introduced by D&G solutions and it was created by Erik Groset. This device runs on 2 AAA batteries or gets its “juice” with the aid of an AC adapter.

The speakers you see above can rotate and expand/contract as you switch from portrait to landscape mode and back. What’s neat about this system is that the accessories can even fit inside your pocket, taking portable fun to a new level. Don’t be sad about the fact that this is only a concept, since D&G Solutions are looking for a manufacturer to mass-produce LiveSpeakR.

Think we’ll see these speakers hitting the market in time for the summer holiday?

PS: Family Guy Rocks! (couldn’t help it)

[via cellphonebeat]